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After deciding to get clean, drug detox is the next, and possibly one of the most important, steps. If you or a loved one has decided that his addiction is no longer under control, if they have realized they have crossed the line from social use, into addiction, they may still see detoxification as a roadblock to sobriety. Though some rehab clinics include detox as part of their program, some require inpatients to be fully detoxed before they even walk through the doors. This is where a New Orleans Drug Detox Center enters the picture.

What Happens in a New Orleans Drug Detox Center?

Before you or a loved one enters a drug treatment facility, there may be a number of misconceptions about the process. You have probably heard that the process is difficult, and to say otherwise would not be true, but it does not have to be impossible. Under the watchful eye of highly trained doctors, your body will get rid of the remaining drug and toxins it is holding on to. This will lead to some shaking, sweating, and irritability.

In some cases, it may be dangerous to detox alone. When an addiction is deeply entrenched in your body, it can react violently to realizing it will no longer get that drug. Some drugs cause a more severe reaction, and doctors will usually prescribe a short-term medication in order to alleviate these issues.

Why is Detox Necessary?

Drug detox lends an addict two major advantages. The first is a clean slate. Once all of the drugs are through your system, you have a blank canvas, the chance to create something totally new with your life. The second is a new clarity of mind. Addiction clouds not only your mind, but also your body. The feeling of being clean and new is one that many addicts rely on and look back to when relapse seems imminent. Both of these advantages give you a huge head start when you enter rehab. You will be in the proper mindset to receive whatever addiction treatment your doctor sees fit.

Are There Ways to Deal with Withdrawals?

It is not necessarily drug detox, but withdrawals that concern most people. The effects of withdrawals however, are either not going to be as adverse as you believe, or can be mitigated by a prescription. Obviously, your doctor does not want to replace one addiction with another, but providing some relief from the worst withdrawal symptoms actually helps patients to complete this necessary step.

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