Drug Intervention in New Orleans LA

If you have a loved one struggling with addiction, it can be very difficult to stand by and let them continue their self-destructive behavior. You may be tempted to jump into their lives and try to remove them from the situation all by yourself, especially if they are unwilling to admit that they have a significant problem. However, it can do more harm than good if the drug intervention are not carried out in the proper manner.

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Who to Involve

Your drug intervention should be designed to show the addict how his behavior has affected those closest to him. This means that you should involve anyone who can help him see his actions and their effects. Family members and close friends are obvious choices. It is important to consider who can express these sentiments in a helpful way, without negativity and without turning the situation away from the needs of the addict.

Do not invite someone who will take over the situation and make it all about their needs and problems, and do not invite anyone who actively or passively enables the addict, unless they have realized their behavior and all desire to change. In some cases, it is appropriate the involve children, if they are mature enough to understand what is going on and provide necessary feedback.


Before sitting the addict down for the intervention, make sure everyone who will be involved can gather beforehand and prepare for this stressful event. Ensuring that everyone knows what they want to say and is able to offer words of encouragement and love, along with their stories will make the actual drug intervention much easier. Discuss the goals you want to achieve, and even have a list of facilities or professionals prepared to offer to your loved one.

Choosing the Time

Make sure that the time of the drug intervention does not conflict with other legitimate commitments, such as work, that the addict may have. This will allow him enough time and clarity to listen to what his family has to say. It is also important for the individual to be sober, so pick a time when this is most likely.

When to Involve a New Orleans Drug Intervention Specialist

Generally, most families can handle the drug intervention themselves. Loved ones of an addict know the details of the situation and know how to craft the best approach for the individual. However, if there is dysfunction in the family, or if there is a concern that the addict or a member of the family or friend group might be confrontational, bringing an expert into the team can have significant benefits. We are here to help you find the right addiction treatment program for you or your loved one.

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