Addiction to Ecstasy Symptoms

Know What Addiction to Ecstasy Symptoms Look Like

Ecstasy is a drug that makes the user feel a sense of mental stimulation, warmth, enhanced sensory perception, and increased energy. Naturally, these fast-acting symptoms make ecstasy or MDMA popular at clubs, concerts, and festivals. But the ecstasy symptoms the user experiences aren't all good. In fact, there are numerous ecstasy symptoms that can be extremely dangerous to your health.

Short-Term Ecstasy Symptoms

Short term, users take ecstasy because it heightens perceptions, makes you feel more excited, and increases your overall energy levels. But shortly after, the negative symptoms and side effects start to appear. Namely, the user may feel severe anxiety and paranoia. They may experience nausea, involuntary teeth clenching, chills, faintness, blurred vision, and severe cravings for more of the drug.

Ecstasy can also cause sleep problems, long-term confusion, and depression in those who use it. The drug affects you while you are using it, but it also affects you for hours and sometimes even days after using it.

Another negative short-term symptom of using ecstasy is that it takes your natural inhibitions and alarm systems away. This means that you won't notice when you're in pain or serious discomfort. This can be life-threatening. For example, you may become overheated and not even know it, and this can result in a heart attack or stroke.

Long-Term Ecstasy Symptoms

When someone uses ecstasy regularly for a long period of time, long-term ecstasy symptoms become apparent. First, it is possible to develop chronic depression from taking ecstasy over and over.

This is because when you take the drug, it heightens your dopamine levels, which makes you happy, excited, and joyful. But you crash almost instantly after the drug wears off, and you feel severe depression, paranoia, and anxiety. This back-and-forth over a long period of time can facilitate chronic depression quite easily, and it can be difficult to recover from.

Other long-term effects can be even worse than chronic depression. You can cause irreversible physical damage to your body by using ecstasy for a long period of time. In fact, it can cause internal hemorrhaging, kidney failure, cardiovascular collapse, and many other serious physical problems.

In the brain, chronic depression is possible, but extreme psychosis is often possible as well. Many individuals who use ecstasy for a long time experience short-term and long-term memory loss. It is also common for the nerve endings and nerve branches in your brain and body to become degenerated so that you experience nerve issues and tingling on a regular basis.

Is Ecstasy Addictive?

Many people wonder whether ecstasy is addictive, and the answer is yes. Often, ecstasy is assumed to be non-habit forming, but this is false. In fact, ecstasy addiction is more common than you might think. The withdrawal symptoms can be painful, uncomfortable, and even dangerous. This is why it's extremely important to seek out professional help if you're struggling with ecstasy abuse and addiction.

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