Heroin Smuggling Gets New Orleans Residents Arrested

Four people in New Orleans are facing federal charges for allegedly trafficking heroin into the city. Martha Quinones was arrested after arriving in New Orleans from Houston on a MegaBus with a half-kilogram hidden in her duffel bag. She was acting as a courier for three other men. The conspiracy charges carry a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

Heroin addiction has many causes, and it is important for law enforcement, drug treatment facilities and individuals to work closely to prevent it. Regular users quickly build up a tolerance to the drug, requiring larger and larger doses to get the euphoric effects of the drug. Without the right treatment, a problem can quickly become a life-threatening issue. Addiction recovery New Orleans is available to drug users.

What is Heroin?

This opiate is a natural substance derived from the poppy plant. The poppy also provides the raw ingredients for morphine, and the mechanism of action is similar between the two drugs.

When administered under the care of a doctor, morphine is a powerful painkiller and a vital part of medical treatment. When used recreationally, heroin is a dangerous drug with the power to destroy (and take) lives.

How is Heroin Used?

When most people think about heroin, they picture junkies shooting up in a dark alley, but that is no longer the norm. While many heroin addicts do still inject the drug, a growing number snort it instead.

This move away from needles has made modern heroin more attractive to addicts and even given it an air of social respectability. Those with a heroin addiction know, however, that the drug is still just as dangerous, no matter how it is used. They may also experience delusions and hallucinations as they wean themselves off the drug, and those symptoms could be life threatening.

Don't let heroin addiction take over your life. Drug addiction doctors New Orleans can give you the treatment you need to recover. Attending a New Orleans area of Narcotics Anonymous meeting (http://www.noana.org/) can help you bond with fellow drug users.

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