New Orleans Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Did you know that having co-occurring disorders is fairly common? Find out how New Orleans Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers can help

You already know that an addiction is a disease of the brain. But, did you also know that you could suffer from an addiction and have another mental health issue? Co-occurring disorders are actually common and treatable; New Orleans dual diagnosis treatment centers have the answer help you out.

Comorbidity, co-occurring disorders or having a dual diagnosis is when you suffer from two illnesses, an addiction and a mental disorder. The most common mental health issues that can affect you while having an addiction are depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and personality disorders.

While these are not the only mental disorders that could affect you, they are the most frequent in patients that suffer from a substance abuse problem. The good news is that alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers often offer dual diagnosis treatment to treat co-occurring disorders.

New Orleans dual diagnosis treatment centers have the expertise and tools to treat both disorders at the same time, while tackling the specific needs of each one; this is extremely important because while one disease happens first and causes the other, they both have a significant impact on the psychological state of the person.

The substance abuse may have caused the depression, or someone may have incurred in alcoholism or drug abuse because they were feeling depressed. A good, comprehensive inpatient addiction treatment and dual diagnosis center will be able to identify and treat the issue effectively.

An alcohol and drug addiction treatment center in the New Orleans area will tackle dual diagnosis by offering integrated intervention. This is when you are taken into an inpatient addiction treatment and receive proper care for your specific mental illness and therapy for your substance abuse problem.

As with many other rehabilitation programs, New Orleans dual diagnosis treatment centers will start your recovery with a complete detoxification. This detox phase is essential in clearing your body from the toxins that come from drugs and/or alcohol.

This works by readjusting the chemical balance of your brain and your body, in order to be able to stabilize your mind and body and prepare you to the therapeutic phase of the treatment. If your particular case calls for it, you may be prescribed medication to treat your condition, depending on your mental illness.

The best way to deal with a dual diagnosis is at an inpatient addiction treatment center because you have the 24/7 care and attention you need while you are vulnerable. Going through detox from alcohol or drugs is hard enough, adding a mental illness to the equation may leave you feeling hopeless and exhausted.

The great thing about these alcohol and drug addiction treatment centers that work with dual diagnosis patients is, that they offer top medical care while you go through withdrawal symptoms, they understand how your therapeutic program needs to tackle both diseases, and they ensure that the program is applied to your particular case effectively.

This means that you will receive comprehensive treatment for both your addiction and your mental health problem, at the same time, with the guarantee that you will be able to understand both and successfully recover your sobriety.

New Orleans dual diagnosis treatment centers use psychotherapy and addiction education as part of your dual treatment Helping you understand your behavior and your way of thinking is key in identifying how that could have caused or contributed to your addiction.

Finally, the last approach used after you've completed a thorough alcohol and drug addiction treatment program, is recommending support groups that serve as allies in the long run. By having a strong support system of family members, close friends and Counselors, you can get the reassurance you need whenever you feel tempted, anxious or simply need to talk.

While a dual diagnosis may sound scary, is not something untreatable. You can get the help you need to overcome your addiction and treat your mental health disorder, all at the same time and with the support of experts that can guarantee your recovery.







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