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The longer opioids are used and the heavier that use was, the worse the opiate withdrawal will be. Severe opiate withdrawal symptoms are problematic and concerning to those involved, but are not usually seriously damaging or fatal. Heroin, clonodine, suboxone, morphine, codeine, oxycontin, methadone, tramadol, vicodin, percocet, and other opioids vary in their potency and potential for abuse, but all have very similar withdrawal symptoms. Opiate use changes the basic brain chemistry of the person with the addiction and detoxification from them yields similar symptoms. New Orleans opiate addiction rehab centers give individuals a chance to overcome their addicti0n to opiates.

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How Withdrawal Happens

When levels of the active substances from the drug begin to drop in the addict's blood stream, opiate withdrawal begins. This happens because either the person has quit or because they do not have access to it. Detoxification leads to symptoms that steadily worsen as the detox continues, until the body is rid of the opiate and has recovered from the withdrawal. As the body heals, looking for balance and to repair the physical and emotional damage caused by drug abuse, things begin to change for the addict. Withdrawal from opiate-derived drugs can take a long time due to the chemical and emotional dependencies created.


Early symptoms begin with agitation, anxiety, and muscle aches. Yawning, insomnia, and sweating are also not uncommon. As the detox progresses, opiate withdrawal often means diarrhea, abdominal cramping, nausea or vomiting. Dilated pupils, increased tear production, skin itching or pain, and severe goosebumps are also normal during opiate withdrawal.

These withdrawal symptoms are not usually life threatening, though opiate detox can be painful for the addict going through it. Those who've been addicted for the longest and abused the drug the longest are usually at the highest risk of death and should be carefully managed.

Recovery and life-long sobriety are attainable to anyone who seeks the help they need to get through opiate withdrawal and rehabilitation.

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