New Restrictions on Prescription Pain Medications like Hydrocodone in New Orleans

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Hydrocodone is in the category of narcotic pain relievers. It is often combined with other medications to treat chronic pain or pain from injury. Hydrocodone combination pills are opiates and in a class of medications that often become drugs of addiction. Medications are put into classifications based on their medical usage, likelihood of dependence forming and abuse potential. The hydrocodone combination pills are currently scheduled in class three which means that they can be called in by your doctor to a pharmacy and refills may be given for when they run out.

With the recent light shed on prescription pain drug abuse and the high rates of overdose from them movements are starting to push for more restrictions on the drug. Prescription treatment medicine such as Adderall and Morphine require patients to visit their doctor for a written prescription every time they need a refill and receive a checkup each month to monitor usage, this method has been successful in lowering rates of drug abuse when it comes to the substances. Now Hydrocodone will join these other medications in a stricter category making it harder for people to abuse the medication. With 19 people dying each day from prescription pill overdose it is highly necessary changes be made to how the public gains access to them.

In 2009 New Orleans implemented an online prescription medication monitoring tool which allowed doctors to see which patients were "doctor shopping" and potentially participating in drug abuse and misuse. This cut down on the ability for patients to obtain multiple prescriptions, drug dependents then went to street dealers who sell pills for 20 to 30 dollars each. When this becomes too expensive they turn to heroin for drug abuse and use.

The cycle of addiction is vicious and once a person becomes dependent on a substance of abuse their cravings will take them from one drug of addiction to the next to achieve a high. Drug rehab and addiction treatment are the best options for ending the cycle. If you or someone you care about is abusing prescription drugs, know that the sooner they begin rehabilitation for drug addiction the safer they will be and on the road to recovery.

Addiction rehabs will aid addicts in detox from prescription pain pills. By detoxifying in a drug rehab patients are guaranteed safety and the most comfortable withdrawal possible. With treatment medicine to ease the body back into balance and around the clock care from certified counselor, inpatient rehabilitation best prevents relapse.

Drug treatment centers focus on helping those addicted to drugs whether they are prescription drugs of abuse or illicit drugs.

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