The Health Effects of K2 "Spice" Use

Designer drugs are trendy among young adults but these new substances are a serious problem. Many adolescents and adults find themselves dangerously addicted just after a handful of uses. Spice or K2 is one of the most commonly abused synthetic drugs. Spice use has long-term effects that harm your health and it's important to know what health risks you face when using Spice.

What is K2 Spice?

Spice is synthetic marijuana that's referred to as a "designer drug" because it's a man-made chemical substance. It has numerous street names such as herbal incense, K2, Mr. Nice Guy, and fake weed. Spice was actually legal up until late 2012 when it was categorized as a Schedule I narcotic. However, Spice use is much more dangerous and unpredictable than marijuana.

Increased Anxiety is one of the side effects that Spice can bring on or worsen. An increase in anxiety or paranoia caused by synthetic weed can be much worse than the effects of actual marijuana and can include other intense effects such as:

  • agitation
  • vomiting
  • sweating
  • loss of control
  • spastic body movements
  • dry mouth
  • and in some cases, seizures

Psychosis is defined as a loss of touch with reality marked by delusions and hallucinations. Spice has been linked to episodes of psychosis and in some cases, prolonged psychosis.

Synthetic pot has been also been linked to triggering already established psychotic disorders in individuals who were deemed mentally stable. Hallucinations can also reappear after months of trying synthetic cannabis and it can comprise your mental health status.

Spice use has been linked to internal organ damage, especially heart and kidney damage. Synthetic cannabis reduces the flow of blood to the heart, which could potentially lead to a heart attack -- even in young adults who aren't at risk for heart problems. Due to many synthetic addictives in Spice, kidney failure can also result from use.

Spice has caused suicide or death. In some cases, individuals have committed suicide while high. Due to a compromised mental health state, synthetic cannabis users can have thoughts of suicide and/or homicide and experience severe paranoia and fear that can result in self-harm or harm to others.

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