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Sometimes known as "spice" or "K2", synthetic marijuana refers to any number of about 100 man-made chemicals that are sprayed onto plant material. Each of these chemicals, produced illegally in Pacific Rim countries like China, can trigger a powerful high, but the high is unpredictable and far more intense than one would expect from real marijuana. When abusing or addicted to synthetic marijuana, it's vital to obtain treatment from New Orleans synthetic marijuana drug rehab centers, as this substance can profoundly detract from mental and physical health.

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What is Synthetic Marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana has a more powerful effect on the brain than regular marijuana. Synthetic marijuana is made from synthetic (man-made) mind-altering chemicals that can be construed as cannabinoid (like natural marijuana compounds), but are far more unpredictable.

The chemicals found in synthetic marijuana are primarily made in Chinese labs as well as other Pacific Rim nations. These chemicals are sprayed on plant materials and then smoked, but liquid synthetic marijuana is sold for use in e-cigarettes.

Synthetic Marijuana Dangers

Aside from the marijuana addiction it promotes, synthetic marijuana can cause severe and even life-threatening side effects. Because chemicals vary from batch to batch, people cannot expect the same reaction from one dose to the next. While people may take the drug for its relaxing effects, it can produce symptoms of psychosis, hallucinations, and extreme confusions. Synthetic marijuana has been linked to violent behavior and suicidal thoughts as well.

Synthetic Marijuana versus Real Marijuana

Both synthetic and natural marijuana can lead to cannabis dependence, but synthetic marijuana is associated with some life-threatening health issues like kidney failure, violence, suicidal thoughts, psychosis, seizures, and increased heart rate. Natural marijuana does have mind-altering chemicals, but its high is not as unpredictable or typically as powerful as the synthetic form.


An addiction to a synthetic form of marijuana is dangerous. These chemicals are illegally produced and unregulated. In essence, there is no way to predict the intensity from one batch from another--and that can have dangerous consequences.

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